Monday, 5 December 2011

English Year 4 (What Do You Like?)

Theme : World of Personal Relationships
Moral Values: Kindness to animals, Love for knowledge

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

        Sugar, Asha's pet cat had paw and she took it to her aunt;s veterinary clinic to treat it. Sugar was the first patient in the appointment book(1)
        Abi, Dr. Vicky 's assistant placed Sugar on the table. r. Vicky began by stroking Sugar and talking to her gently.
        Then, Asha held up the bad paw to show her aunt. " I think he has been bite," Dr. Vicky said. " The bite is infected (2)".
        "You'll have to clean it everyday like I'm doing now," she explained. 
        " Yes, I will, Asha replied.
        " He also needs antibiotic tablets (3). Give it one each day. He'll be good in no time," she continued.
          She gave Sugar a pat. Asha thankrd her aunt and left the room.
          Just as Asha was walking out of the consultation room (4), the front door of the clinic swung open.
        " My dog.....he's been hit by a car! Please help him." A man carring an injured dog, looked around desperately. 
          The waiting room was packed but Dr. Vicky had to treat the dog first. The other patients had to wait because it was an emergency. Asha collected the tablets and left. She is proud of her aunt is doing and she is going to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

1. The first patient in parangraph 1 refers to
    A) Abi
    B) Asha
    C) Vicky
    D) Sugar

2. Dr. Vicky told Asha that Sugar's paw
    A) was creshed
    B) had a wound
    C) was full of blood
    D) had not been cleaned

3. Dr Vicky showed Asha how to
    A) bathe the cat
    B) talk to the cat
    C) dress the wound
    D) calm the cat down

4. The man who brougnt his dog in
    A) was very worried
    B) was pretending to bensick
    C) was Dr. Vicky's good friend
    D) made an appointment to see Dr. Vicky

5. Which of the following sentences is not true?
    A) Dr. Vicky loves animals.
    B) Sugar was bitten by a dog.
    C) Dr. Vicky is a gentle person.
    D) Asha wants to be likr Dr. Vicky.

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